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Stereographic does Plus+ 07

To explore “Moving Type”, the theme of the 2007 Plus+ exhibition in Digbeth Birmingham, we created a collaborative art piece which took shape over the five days of the festival.

We turned to one of our favourite materials for creating large scale art pieces; vinyl. To save on costs, we hand prepared (weeded and cut out) thousands of coloured vinyl letters. Visitors were encouraged to stick them anywhere they liked on the canvas we provided.

The outcome was a vibrant and ever evolving art piece. Over the five days of the festival, people wrote their names, silly and profound phrases, made blocks of colour, designed characters made of letters, and generally had fun adding to the piece.

Our love of collaborative artistic exploration led us to the idea, and our love of vinyl led us to the medium. We were also keen to meet with other artists and designers at the festival, following our recent move to Birmingham. It was a great success both in terms of furthering our understanding of how people engage and interact with art and in terms of the great people we got to meet.

We took a number of pictures and did a time-lapse of the piece taking shape – shown below.

Thanks to everyone who came and contributed, and to all the great people we met at the event.